Tips for Selecting Your Japanese Tutor

You may speak one or two words and introduce yourself in Japanese from watching anime. It is fun to learn a new language as a hobby. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the language more, you need to take classes or find a Japanese tutor.

Learning with a tutor is better than learning by yourself. The tutor can correct your pronunciation and devote their time only to you. That way, you will get a better understanding of the language. However, finding the best tutor is not an easy job. You need to set the criteria to help achieve your goals.

If you don’t have one, here are three key criteria for the best tutor. The best tutor can help you achieve your Japanese language skill goal.

Good Rapport

Learning is not only achieving goals. It is hard to achieve learning goals if you are uncomfortable with the tutor. A tutor is the one who accompanies your Japanese language learning. You may make mistakes when learning the language in front of them. They have to push your limits. Tutoring will be a failure if you feel uncomfortable whenever you make mistakes and they push your limits.

It is wise to find a tutor whose personality and learning methods match your criteria. Find someone who can help you achieve your goals. However, it doesn’t mean you can hire your friends or relatives. Try to find a professional Japanese tutor who has similar qualities to your inspirational teacher.

Expected Level of Knowledge

Yes, a tutor knows more than you about Japanese. However, it is crucial to know how much they know and match that with your expectation. If you are an advanced learner, then you need a native speaker to teach you. If you are a beginner, a university student of a Japanese program will be enough.

Are you going to study at a university in Japan? You need to make sure that the tutor knows the vocabulary you need for the subject matter. Even natives, sometimes, don’t know several terms used in psychology, chemistry, and engineering.

Matching Schedules

The most important one is finding a tutor whose schedule matches yours. It’s so trivial that most people underestimate it. Matching the schedule to meet your weekly learning goal can be challenging.

To make it easier, you need to set the amount of study you are willing to put in. Then, it would be best if you found a tutor who is available at all times. Your learning pace also matters. Make sure they can follow your pace. It’s better to discuss all that with your prospective tutor.

Have you found the right Japanese tutor? If you haven’t, take your time. It’s worth it.