College Planning: How You Can Make The Most Of A College’s Website

Five “Should Do” stops you need to make on every college website:

1. Locate the web site search tool. Most colleges place this on their own webpage and it is the quickest strategy for finding what you are searching for. Think it is and employ it!

2. Admissions Page. It’s often “Admissions” or “Prospective Students” around the college webpage (whether it’s a College with graduated pupils then ensure you visit the Undergraduate Admissions). You ought to be searching for an additional information:

Newcomer profile – you have to compare the way you stack to the “typical” accepted newcomer.

“How You Can Apply” – get obvious on what’s needed for an entire application. What tests, what applications, deadlines – everything.

3. Educational Funding and Scholarships. If you want help to be able to spend the money for college bill, then you definitely MUST scrutinize this portion of the website. You are searching for costs, what, or no scholarships can be found, how competitive you’re for individuals scholarships, etc.

4. Academics. You will college to really learn something, yes? So once you have reviewed all of the pretty images of happy smiling students on the vibrant sunny day, you’re ready to dig much deeper. You have to consider the department pages from the majors you are considering going after. Do you know the needs for your major? What courses are needed? Who teaches them?

5. The college’s key selling points. Recall the admissions portion of the web site is an advertising and marketing tool. It is the admissions office’s job to “market the school” to students as if you. To create an educated decision about whether a university fits your needs, you are gonna need to work through the marketing glitz and glamour that’s made to convince you to definitely apply. A university can be a Pinto or perhaps a Yugo (Google it) however the admissions office’s job would be to convince you you are searching in a Cadillac or perhaps a Mercedes.

Your Smart Arrange for College Assignment:

Start evaluating college websites having a critical eye. Remember they are made to make everything look great! Make an educated decision – there are numerous great colleges available. Must be college looks great online does not mean it is a great college for you personally. You need to get past the glitz and glamour and dig directly into find helpful, relevant information to help you determine if a university may be worth your time and energy for more analysis or maybe it must be voted off your list.

And lastly – remember the website is a great beginning point. Searching in a college’s website, alone, isn’t enough to consider which will consume 4 years of the existence and A large number of your parents’ hard-earned money.

You would not purchase a house just from the picture online, can you? Absolutely not. You’d do further analysis.

You cannot “buy” a university this way either.

Now, maybe you need assistance creating a summary of colleges so that you can start investigating college websites. Or possibly you’ve attended college websites and therefore are wondering what you ought to do next. Or possibly you are searching at school costs around the websites and trying to puzzle out just how much you are really going to need to pay.