Everything You Should Know About Making Your Own Ninja Obstacle Course

If you are aiming to be the next American Ninja Warrior, then you should also be aware about the level of preparation it takes to be deemed competent in the event. The Ninja Obstacle Course Minneapolis encompass daunting obstacles to test your determination and strength with each obstacle course escalating in difficulty in each round. To qualify this series, it needs a significant amount of strength, coordination, grit, balance, mental rigidity and much more. Very few are deemed eligible in the qualifying round as they have dedicated their years in getting their physique in shape and getting themselves ready for undergoing similar activities like parkour and gymnastics.

This article centralizes on a few structures if you are keen on making your very own ninja obstacle course for preparing yourself for the event. Each obstacle has been in utilization in similar courses and can be built with the necessary fittings and pipes. Read on.

Balance and Coordination

This course usually begins with subjecting the participants through an obstacle that tests their balance and coordination. The most preferred one is the Quad steps.

  1. Quad steps

This is the most preferred form of testing balance and coordination. In this, the participants have to bounce from one platform to another in a zig-zag way. This helps in testing the balance and coordination skills of the participants. The frame for quad steps is made by Kee Klamp fittings and pipe and the wood is stuck to the frame in order to make platforms. You can use an easy A frame design to make sure that the structure is safe to use even while in use.

  1. Cargo net climb

Another obstacle that every American Ninja Warrior utilizes to challenge the coordination and balance of the participants is the cargo net climb. In this, the participants have to climb up, over and under a cargo, without making a fall. When it comes to building a frame, use Kee Klamps. They are deemed great for this purpose as it is sturdy and durable. No matter how many persons are climbing the structure, it remains in place and is safe to use as well.

Upper Body and Core Strength

When it comes to becoming an American Ninja Warrior, the participants are put at test to test their upper body strength and core strength as well.

  1. Monkey bars and jumping bars

Throughout the course, you will often use different variations of jumping bars or monkey bars. The purpose of the obstacle is to challenge the participant’s physical strength and coordination as well. This kind of obstacle subjects a lot of stress on the upper body which encompasses shoulders, forearms, upper arms and grip strength.

  1. Rope Climb and Pole Grasper

The rope climb and pole grasper subject a lot of pressure on the participant’s upper body strength. In the latter, the participant will try to hold onto a pole that is subjected to be suspended above the ground and then they will have to swing from one pole to another. In the former, participants will have to climb up a rope to the top of a platform. The obstacle is literally lengthy which makes the participant tired. Both of these obstacles adds a load of stress on shoulders, forearms, shoulders, and grip strength.