What are the benefits of pursuing a career in travel nursing?

Education plays a key role in all our lives from learning the alphabet when young to picking up the knowledge needed to get through life as an adult. Getting a good education is also important when it comes to carving out a successful career. Many roles now for example will ask for certain qualifications before you can work in them.

One common example of this are roles within nursing. Those wishing to work as registered nurses for example would be well advised to gain a bachelor’s degree in nursing first to get their foot in the door. Further to this, more advanced nursing degrees can open up new career paths to professionals in this sector. The online MSN-AGNP program from the University of Indianapolis is a case in point and ideal for those wishing to focus on delivering primary care in adult gerontology settings.

Travel nursing is an exciting career choice 

Getting the latest career news is always worthwhile and can help you find your dream job. One exciting career path for qualified nursing professionals is travel nurse. This position involves joining a travel nurse agency and providing temporary staffing cover to healthcare settings who are short on qualified nurses. As a result, this position can involve travelling to take up short-term, temporary positions on both a national and international scale.

As a travel nurse, you would be responsible for performing the same kinds of tasks as registered nurses. But what benefits does pursuing this type of role bring?

Bright job outlook 

When you learn that a predicted 7% growth in travel nurse jobs by 2028 is expected, it becomes clear what a bright outlook this particular position enjoys. Shortfalls in qualified nurses nationally and internationally are a major reason for this and help explain why nurses who travel for work are in such demand.

The positive outlook for this kind of nurse also comes down to it being a job we are all more familiar with. Whilst clinics or hospitals globally might not have thought about hiring a travel nurse in the past, they have no such qualms now.

Superb job satisfaction

As with any role in this sector, travel nursing delivers awesome job satisfaction. There is just no doubt how amazing it is to provide cover which a healthcare facility desperately needs and help them deliver excellent patient outcomes. In the case of travel nursing particularly, the care may also be targeted at locations who have just experienced a natural disaster and need qualified nursing help.

Opportunities for travel 

As noted above, many travel nurses get a real buzz from being able to travel the world as part of their job. It is not just about being able to avoid being in one place for too long though. Travel nursing also enables you to experience places and cultures you otherwise wouldn’t.

As your travel costs would usually be covered, it is also a cost-effective way to see more of the world. If you fancy caring for patients but enjoy the thought of having new adventures as you go, this is a great career option.

Attractive salary levels 

Although salary might not be top priority for most people entering nursing, it is something that you should think about. Being able to pay your bills and survive is just as important as job satisfaction.

Travel nursing rates highly in this respect and pays well in general.

According to Comparably, the median annual pay for people in this position in the USA is around $85,000. This compares well with not only other jobs within nursing but also with similar type jobs in other sectors. As a result, this means decent salary levels are another advantage to enjoy.

A different take on nursing 

Although you might think that nursing is for you, you may well not fancy working the same job in the same hospital with the same people year on year. In this case, travel nursing is a great option to consider.

This role offers a fresh way to experience nursing and find out how healthcare facilities run in various locations run. In addition, travel nursing brings something new with each job and this a unique feature to think about.

Careers in travel nursing: An overview 

The above clearly shows that working as a travel nurse comes with some superb benefits. From decent pay to a new way to provide care and more, it really is an exciting frontier in nursing. If you fancy caring for people whilst also seeing more of the world, it could be for you.