How much does it Cost to Study Electronics Engineering in the UK? 

The United Kingdom is a hub of one of the best universities and colleges in the whole world. The exposure you get by being in the middle of the UK is immeasurable. Thousands of kids enrol to various colleges in the United Kingdom because it is the best place to study. Another perk of studying in the UK is that you get to study in one of the best-ranked universities in the world without having to spend a lot of money, as you would have to if you were to study in other universities like in the USA.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes’ average cost usually ranges from $17,000 to $25,000 (per academic year). If you are inclined towards acquiring an electronics engineering degree from the UK, a more specified guide to the fee per academic year for various colleges is given down below:

Average fees of all the reputed colleges in the UK

Name of the college Average Fees/year
Imperial College London £32,500
University of Manchester £24,000
University College London £28,530
University of Nottingham £24,930
University of Leeds £24,000
University of Strathclyde Glasgow £20,700
University of Liverpool £21,500
University of Leicester £20,700
Lancaster University £22, 550

But, it is worth mentioning that the per year fee varies for international students and EU students.

What students should keep in mind before enrolling into a university in the UK?

Before enrolling themselves into a university in the UK, international students must be able to prove they can afford to live and study in the UK. Only once they can do this they will be granted a UK student visa. In addition, all students living in London must be able to budget £1,300 for each month of their stay whilst in the UK, and students from the rest of the UK must show they can cover £1,100 worth of living costs every month.

Along with the tuition fee and the proof that you can pay, it is worth knowing that living as an international student in the United Kingdom is not exactly cheap. The cost of living also largely varies depending upon where you live in the UK. In the most popular cities like London, a student can easily spend a minimum of 1,500£. However, in smaller towns, you can expect to pay from anywhere around 700-1 200£ per month.

To go more into the details of spending costs, the largest piece of money will go towards your rent or the cost of student accommodation in UK. You also need to keep aside a certain amount of money for food costs and transportation. On top of all these expenses, one must save money for extra costs like going out or emergencies.


As you plan to study electronics engineering in the UK, you can be sure of acquiring the best quality education. But, you need to prepare for all expenses. Students can seek professional help to understand how to manage their expenses when studying in the U. This article provides you with information to help you plan and achieve your dreams successfully.