Online Tuition Is Here To Stay

Online tuition is now the craze, especially for students who are forced to take up distance learning. This allows students, especially those who are quarantined, to have a way to continue attending classes without feeling deprived.  Online tuition offers the flexibility for students to learn at home, saving the need to travel. This is especially true for university students, who are often located far away from campuses and need help in their assignments.

Furthermore, since the lessons are all recorded, students can access the lesson content at any time, having access to lessons on demand. It is also easier to manage last-minute changes, change timing whenever there is a schedule change. Both the tutor and the student need not worry about delays or last-minute changes. Therefore, lessons can be arranged much easier.

The enablement of technology with teaching also affords more teaching options for tutors. There is the use of an online whiteboard, where both the tutor and student can write onto the same platform. Files, documents, and videos can also be shared and accessed at the same time, allowing for more interaction between them.

For students who are more independent in nature, they prefer to organize their study schedule and activities and are keen to arrange lessons on their own. Having tuition online allows these groups of students to take direct control and initiative to work out lessons with their tutors. They do not need to rely and depend on parents to sort out the lesson timings and content, making things much easier to manage. Students can also study at their own pace, with the lesson content catered to adapt to their unique learning style, helping them to improve on their results.

With the lack of need to travel, tutors can now save on the traveling time and can now pass on the savings directly to the parents. It is now much cheaper to gain access to quality lessons. Most importantly, both parents and students are very receptive towards online tuition.

Ingel Soong is a supertutor specialising in teaching H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry and H2 Mathematics tuition. He teaches from GCE O Level, GCE A Level, IP, IB, polytechnic diploma and university degree courses.